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  • Dielectric Test Equipment Repair

    At Allen Industries, our engineers and electronic technicians have electronics education degrees and just as importantly have been specifically trained for high voltage and high current test instruments repair.

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  • Kilovoltmeter Repair Services

    Our load test equipment is capable of voltages up to 800kV! Our calibration services can calibrate as low as 50 volts and up to 800kV as well. Repair and/or calibration services... We Have You Covered!

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  • Power Fault Locator Repair

    Power fault locator repair services is part of our extensive line of expertise. Ongoing technical training seminars are expensive but extremely vital for staying on top of the rapidly growing technologies.

    You can be assured when you send in a product for repair or calibration or even both, our technical staff are well trained to repair and calibrate your product to manufacturers specifications.

  • Transformer Tester Repair

    Highly accurate readings during the transformer testing process is critical and a field engineer is only as good as their equipment in most cases and if you can't trust your equipment then the job will not be completed.

    We know this because we have been in that situation ourselves, so we know how important accurate and reliable test equipment is. We ensure every repair is treated as our own test instrument and shipped only when 100% tested and calibrated.

Touchscreen / Display Repair Services Capabilities

Allen Industries repair capabilities are vast and in the electrical meter, networking meter, and the commercial meter sectors the fact is that there is seldom another company that can source, stock, troubleshoot, and repair meters to our capacity. Our technicians and engineers have gone to great lengths to reverse engineer electrical meters in the beginning then source the parts throughout the world and eventually progressing into other markets beginning with industrial HMI (human machine interface) where most use display and touch screens. This is where it all began with touch-screens/displays. Eventually more business sectors began to realize the benefits of changing from analog gauges and LED meters to full functional displays/touchscreens thus improving functionality and more information to the the user. Network analyzers must have both an interactive display/touchscreen for the technician or engineer to efficiently trouble shoot complex topographies in an acceptable amount of time. Other industries followed suit as the touchscreen/display become more affordable and reliable.

HMI Repair (Human Machine Interface)

Human Machine Interface in most cases is where the idea of touch screens originated and in the beginning the actual touchscreens were gridded pushbuttons on the side of the screens and the actual choices were on the screen itself. The idea remains the same but the buttons are usually now on the glass. Over the years there have been many types of touchscreen technologies being utilized and our technicians and engineers have kept up with the manufacturers sourcing not only the older pushbuttons but also the displays and touch screens. We are one of very few companies that can offer touchscreen / display replacement for Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer, General Electric, GE Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and many other touchscreen manufacturers.

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