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Megger Repair Services

Megger Repair ServicesMegger Repair Services | Megger Meter Repair

Megger repair is our specialty.|Our engineers and electronic technicians are very familiar with Biddle Instruments and Megger circuits from small Megger Insulation tester repair to large Megger PFL(power fault locator) repair. James G Biddle and Megger Limited have been our specialty for over twenty years and we have all documentation, service procedures, schematics, and calibration procedures to ensure every Megger repair is successful and accurate.

Megger InsulationTester Repair |

Megger insulation testers have been a staple for electricians with the analog meter and for responsive display that most electricians have relied on for decades. However the analog displays do fail and the voltage output circuits fail as well. Allen Industries has the experience and knowledge to repair Biddle and Megger insulation testers on a daily basis for not only electricians but also power plants.

Megger Insulation Tester Repair | Megger MIT Meter Repair

Biddle and Megger Megohmmeter Repair |

Megohmmeter repair consists of troubleshooting the power supply, ground circuits, sensing circuits, meters, complex function switches, variac controls, and output boards and controls and usually in this order by a highly trained technician with a technical degree and factory trained and certified.

Megger Oil Test Set Repair |

Megger oil test sets are based on the principle that oil that is stored in large transformers become contaminated over time and therefore periodic testing is an asset to a preventive maintenance program. Not only do oil test sets save power companies money they also save downtime for customers so a scheduled P.M. program is necessary and during the times that the oil test set is not being used service is critical and Allen Industries repair oil test sets in our facility and never outsource. All parts are original OEM and not similar replacements.

Megger Oil Test Set Repair Services
Megger BITE Meter Repair | Megger Battery Impedance Tester Repair

Megger BITE Tester Repair Services

Our qualifications for Biddle Instruments and Megger meters are outstanding and BITE battery testing meters are no exception. Not too much different than a Megger DLRO the Megger Bite meters use a very low micro-ohm testing procedure to analyze connections and circuits. Our technicians and engineers have customized test equipment to analyze circuits down to nano-ohms to ensure the highest accuracy during repair and calibration.

Megger Hipot Tester Repair Services |

Our qualifications for Biddle Instruments hipot tester and Megger hipot meters are outstanding and Biddle and Megger hipot testers consist of AC hipot tester such as 230325 and AC/DC hipot tester 230425. Both hipot testers are very important in testing appliances, consumer electrical products, and hand tools for production purposes. Allen Industries handles so many hipot testers that we have an actual storage area especially for hipot tester parts and repairs. We do not take this lightly because we understand the safety implications so we have traceable work prints from inception to bench repair, to quality shipment practices.

Megger HiPot Tester Repair | Megger High Pot Meter Repair

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