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We continue to service the complete line of Metrel Electrical installations safety equipment, Metrel High Voltage Insulation testers, Metrel Continuity and Earth testers, Metrel machine testers, appliance testers, switchgear equipment, Metrel Power Quality Analysis equipment, Metrel Indoor Environment Quality meters, Metrel Digital multimeters, Metrel Current clamp meters, and the complete line of Metrel Voltage Testers. We offer both Rush and Standard Metrel meter repair and calibration service!

If you would like Metrel meter repair service or Metrel calibration service, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and one of our service specialists will be in touch with you shortly, usually  within one hour!





Photovoltaic installation tester Repair

MI 3108 Eurotest PV Repair

MI 3109 Eurotest PV Lite Repair

Multifunction tester Repair

MI 3152 Eurotest XC Repair

MI 3105 Eurotest XA Repair

MI 3101 Eurotest AT Repair

MI 3102H BT Eurotest XE Repair

MI 3102 BT Eurotest XE Repair

MI 3100 SE Eurotest EASI Repair

I 3100 S Eurotest EASI Repair

MI 3110 Eurotest IM Repair

MI 3125 BT Eurotest Repair

MI 3125 Eurotest Repair

MI 2086 Eurotest 61557

MI 2088 Earth Insulation Tester Repair

MI 2093 Line Tracer Repair

Singlefunction tester Repair

MI 3121 SMARTEC Insulation / Continuity Tester Repair

MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop / RCD Tester Repair

MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth / Clamp meter repair

MI 3103 GigaOhm 1 kV meter repair

MI 2126 Earth 2/3 meter repair

A 1143 Euro Z 290 A meter repair

Metrel portable high current impedance tester repair

MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System Repair

MI 3252 MicroOhm 100A repair

MI 3250 MicroOhm 10A repair

Metrel portable low resistance ohmmeter repair

MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A repair

Metrel Continuity tester repair

Metrel HV insulation tester Repair

MI 3210 TeraOhmXA 10kV Repair

MI 3205 TeraOhmXA 5kV Repair

MI 3200 TeraOhm 10 kV Repair

TeraOhm 10 kV is professional insulation tester repair

MI 3201 TeraOhm 5 kV Plus repair

MI 3201 TeraOhm 5 kV insulation tester repair

MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV Repair

MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV Repair

MI 3121H SMARTEC 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity tester repair

A 1422 Active 3 phase Adapter Plus

A 1322 Active 3 phase Adapter

MI 3321 MultiServicerXA Repair

MI 2094 CE Multitester Repair

MI 2170 Multi-Servicer Repair

MI 3304 BetaGT Plus Repair

MI 3310 25A SigmaGT Repair

MI 3310 SigmaGT Repair

MI 3309 BT DeltaGT Repair

MI 3311 GammaGT Repair

MI 3300 PAT

Metrel digital power quality measuring instrument repair

MI 2892 Power Master repair

Metrel hand-held three phase power quality analyzer repair

MI 2792A PowerQ4 Plus repair

MI 2792 PowerQ4 Plus repair

MI 2592 PowerQ4 repair

MI 2392 PowerQ Plus repair

MI 2492 PowerQ repair

first 3 phase power quality instrument repair

MI 2230 VAFMeter repair

MI 2130 VoltScanner repair

MI 2016 Multi LAN 350 repair

MI 2014 Cable Scanner repair

MI 6201 Multinorm repair

MI 6301 FonS repair

MI 6401 Poly repair

MD 9060 Digital multimeter repair

MD 9050 Digital multimeter repair

MD 9040 Digital multimeter repair

MD 9035 Digital multimeter repair

Metrel MD 9030 Digital multimeter repair

MD 9020 Digital multimeter repair

Metrel MD 9016 Digital multimeter repair

Metrel MD 9010 Digital Multimeter repair

Metrel MD 9272 Leakage Clamp TRMS Meter repair

MD 9250 Current clamp repair

MD 9240 Power clamp meter repair

MD 9235 Current clamp repair

MD 9230 Current clamp repair

MD 9225 Current clamp repair

MD 9220 Current clamp repair

MD 9210 Current clamp repair

Metrel power supply repair

Metrel EN 61010-1 repair

   Metrel EN 50081-1 repair

   Metrel EN 50082-1 repair

   Metrel VDE 0552 repair